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There are many different kinds of panel shop/Mechanical workshop businesses. You may be just starting out and have minimal infrastructure and requirements, or you may be a multi-branch, nation-wide organisation with more elaborate needs . We have created Veculim so that it mirrors this spread. You pay for the level appropriate to your business. As your business grows, you can be assured that there's a level of Veculim ready for you to grow into.

This page will help you determine which level your business requires.
is for companies starting out. This is most likely the first workshop software you have used. It includes all the basics including Quoting, Jobcards, Parts lists and Invoicing. Free for the first month, it's a very affordable way to get your business started in the right direction.
is for companies that are doing insurance work, but don't have a problem with parts and/or consumables. In addition to the lite features, in this level you will find: Automatic Customer update (via SMS), Towing control, parts ordering, Audatex imports, Excel costing and more insurance company support and client-side integration with your accounting system (that's debtors, invoicing and credit notes). It's backed by our first 60 day "like it or you get your licence money back" guarantee.
is for companies that require tight parts and consumables management, as well as integration with insurance company systems. This version includes, in addition to the lite and plus features, full integration with your accounting system (in addition to the plus integration, you also get suppliers invoices and credit notes as well as stock journalling), complete Stock Control, integration to insurance companies, staff control, job and quote analysis and a powerful dashboard to show you what you need to know about your business. It is the complete package for most auto-body repair companies - saving you thousands every month in administration and efficiency costs. It's backed by our 60 day "like it or you get your licence money back" guarantee.
is for large, multi-branch companies that deliver top-class features to their clientele (like courtesy cars). It also allows an unprecedented level of business management with features like Sales Agent management, Prospecting, End-To-End vehicle tracking and more.
Create Quotations
Approve Quotations
Finalise Quotations
Audatex, NetAssess, DotSure, Telesure, DigiQuote Import
Request Quotations
Job Cards
Job Extras & Savings
Job Card Parts Listing
Job Costing in Excel
Job Card Parts Status
Job Costing Analysis
Comeback Jobcards
Excess Invoicing
Job & Miscellaneous Invoicing
Sales Ledger
Customer Accounting Integration
Supplier Accounting Integration
Customer Service Reporting
Stock Control
Goods Received  
Returns for Credit
Inventory Management
Automatic SMS Updates
Job/Supplier Document Management
Courtesy Cars
Sales Agents Control
Integrated Data Backup
Multiple Users
User Level Security
Group Level Security 
Multiple Sites 
Not sure which on is best for you? Click here to Contact Us and we'll be able to help you figure out which one is best for you.

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