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Getting started with Veculim is easy.
1. Download Veculim
If you haven't already done so, download Veculim.
Download Now
2. Run the Installer
The installer will run through 6 screens, giving you some options as it goes. First is the welcome screen. When you are ready to move on click on the Next button.
Installer Screen 1
Next is the License screen. These contain the terms and conditions under which Veculim is made available to you. Read through the license, and if you are happy with it click on the I Accept option and then click on Next.
Installer Screen 2
You can now specify where on your computer to install the program. Using the default setting is recommended, or you can choose an alternate location if you like. If you plan to share this program will multiple users on a network then you might like to choose a shared network drive for the program instead.
Installer Screen 3
Before the install starts, you have an option to review your choice and go back and alter it if you like.
Installer Screen 4
The program will now install. This may take a few minutes.
Installer Screen 5
The program is now installed on your computer. You can complete the install by allowing it to create a shortcut on your desktop (recommended) and by starting Veculim now.
Installer Screen 6
3. Register Veculim
Although you can use Veculim (Lite) for free you will need to fill out a registration form. The information on this form is sent to our online server which then creates a valid license for you to use the program. Enter your information onto the form, and then click on the Get Activation Code button.
Installer Screen 6
If you are not connected to the internet then you will need to get a registration code via email or over the phone.
4. Setup Checklist
When you run Veculim for the first time a few settings need to be set so that you can begin using Veculim effectively. When you run Veculim for the first time you'll see the Setup Checklist.
Installer Screen 6
As you complete each step you can click on the check-mark to the left of the step to mark it as completed. The first step is the Financial Defaults
Installer Screen 6
The key items on this form are the VAT details, and your bank account details (which are used on Invoices.) Once that is entered click on the OK button to go back to the check list. You can update settings on this form later on by going to the Setup menu, to the Financial Defaults option.

The next step is the Quote Defaults.
Installer Screen 6
All of the settings on this window govern various settings which will be applied to your quote. Enter the various hourly rate and markup values that apply to your business. Also edit the various text items that will appear on your quotes. You can update this information later on by going to the Setup menu and choosing Quote Defaults.

The next step on the Checklist is the Accounting year. It is important that you set this correctly, because it cannot be changed later on.
Installer Screen 6
The purpose of this window is to identify the beginning and end of your financial year. Most companies run from March to February, but it's not uncommon to have a year-end in June, or September, or indeed any other month in the year. Make sure you have the dates correct, then click on the OK button.

Once you have clicked on OK this option will be disabled on the Checklist, and the following button (Current Accounting Period) will be enabled.
Installer Screen 6
Click on the Current Accounting Period button to see those settings.
Installer Screen 6
You can change accounting periods later on by either returning to this checklist, or by using the Accounting Menu, Accounting Calendar option.
6. Learn More
You are now ready to start browsing around the program exploring some of the features that are on offer. Be sure to make use of our online Veculim documentation materials to discover more features and techniques.