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A business is only as strong as the weakest link. It doesn't matter how good the mechanical or body work, if the business is running inefficiently then money is being lost. Our passion is to help you streamline your administration in order to make your business as efficient and profitable as it can be.
Not Just Software
At CapeSoft we understand that when you use Veculim it's not just about the software. You are embarking on a long-term, business critical partnership.

We have been partnering with companies in this way for over 20 years. Our goal is to provide the best possible Mechanical Workshop and Collision Repair management software solution you can get and back that up with fantastic service and support.

We want to see you become the best Panel Beater or Workshop that you can be. Your company. Just better.

Easy to Try - Easy to Buy
We believe that if you try Veculim you will love it. If you don't love it we need to make it better, not create artificial boundaries to lock you in.

During your free trial period you will have full access to our support staff, plus full access to our Online Documentation and training videos.

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When you decide to buy there's no minimum length contract to sign. A simple, affordable, monthly payment is all it takes.
Saves you time
Because Veculim integrates with your accounting system (like Pastel and SageOne) and your quoting system (like Outsurance, Audatex, NetAssess, Telesure), you only need to capture your data once, which helps you cut down on transaction processing time - and makes data entry more accurate.

Think about it... Why enter data in 3 places when 1 place will do?

Improved Control and Efficiency of your Business
The dashboard provides you with a birds-eye view and easy drill-down access to real-time granular information allowing meaningful timely management.
Saves you money
Ensure every RFCed part is, in fact, returned for credit, that every part ordered is assigned to an invoice and no part is ordered twice erroneously. No more plastic worth thousands gathering dust in a forgotten corner.
Deliver Great Customer Service
Seamless integration to other systems, the automatic generating and delivery of the highest quality quotes, invoices, correspondence (via automated SMSing and/or emailing) and real time customers portal to track the progress of their vehicle's repair, enables your business to deliver the highest standard of professionalism and customer care.
Stop losing Labour Time
Maximise your workshop's productivity and help you realise your repairer business's revenue potential by tracking the labour incurred on each job.

Stop losing money on tools
Tools go for a walk or mysteriously get broken without anyone using them. No one takes responsibility for those costly items. That costs you money and wastes time tracking down the person accountable. Stop the waste and immediately know where tools are, who last used them and when they are due for a service.

Financial Control
Unparalleled control over all levels and categories of financial documents to ensure complete synergy between the workshop management data and company financial records, resulting in maximum accuracy of financial processing and results.
Download Now
Try it for FREE today. The trial version is fully featured Lite version (plus or professional trials available on request), and allows you to give Veculim a try in a completely risk free way. You can try with no obligation, and no strings attached.

Veculim was created by Innovative Options and is now developed, supported and marketed by CapeSoft.

At CapeSoft we believe that software can make a difference to your business. Small businesses are the backbone to our society and we want your business to thrive and grow. We want to make great software so that you can have the best possible chance of success.
Veculim (previously known as VRM) was developed in the late 90's as an internal business application by Theo von Solms for his autobody repair businesses. VRM was also made available to a number of other businesses in the autobody repair community, and has proved to be the leading product in the category. Theo is an accountant by training, and it is thus no surprise that Veculim is very strong in this area.

In 2014 Theo teamed up with CapeSoft and Veculim was born. CapeSoft is a leading software development company with specific experience in creating, marketing and supporting niche-market applications.

Veculim is the best of both worlds - a combination of the business strengths of VRM and the autobody business knowledge of Theo with the legendary software skills of CapeSoft.

Our goal with Veculim is to empower auto body repairers and mechanical workshops of all sizes - from the smallest one-man operations just starting out, to the biggest, multi-branch companies around.
What is a Veculim?

In Roman times after a hard day of fighting off barbarians, racing in the colosseum or just taking the wife down to the emporium, a Roman nobleman could take his chariot to a veculim where any dents could be removed and the paint work touched up.

Legend has it that a wise veculim owner named Theos, from the Solmese valley in southern Italy, dreamed of a future where administration and management was simplified, and he could focus on delivering the best paint work to a larger number of customers. Alas the abacus technology of the time did not allow him to fulfill this dream.

Today the Veculim Vehicle Repair Manager software is a realization of Theos' dream and is available to all veculim owners, large and small.
Choosing software that will ultimately help you administer your entire business, is not a decision to be taken lightly. Please feel free to contact us using one of the methods below, and speak to one of our experienced consultants to determine the best fit for your business.

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